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Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski


Matthew 4:19 - "Then He said to them, 'Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.'" Jesus calls us to a life of selfless love, whether that be in the church as a pastor, the cubicle of our office, or an alleyway on the street. If we are to follow Jesus, it means we also must cast our nets for people.

CastTheNet's objective is to glorify God, and bring attention and honor to Jesus Christ.  The primary means of achieving this for CastTheNet is through our blog, Instagram page/social media, and clothing designs, which all provide Christ-centered content.


Alongside the blog and Instagram, CastTheNet designs clothing that represents the Biblical concepts and person of Jesus. And though Jesus said not to worry about what we will wear or what we will eat, we know that when we seek the Lord our needs will be met. Clothing is a choice of what we worship in many ways, and hopefully CastTheNet can be a place for you to represent Jesus while still enjoying what you wear.


While these clothes may initiate a conversation, at the end of the day it must be you who brings forth the kingdom--and we can do this confidently because of what He did for us on the cross: John 3:16. May the blog and the clothing here at CastTheNet be a lamp to your feet that helps bring you closer to Jesus Christ.



Here at CastTheNet, we want to be more than just people who regularly go about our days--we want to be people who use the time that has been given to us to bring about kingdom change. For this reason, CastTheNet's goals include:

1. Promoting Jesus Christ and His gospel

2. Growing the CastTheNet reader base for the blog and the fan base in general

3. Finding ways to serve locally in our communities and further promote the love of Christ

4. Acquiring a community of supporters who represent CastTheNet and engage with the ministry

5. Implementing a more cost-effective and efficient way of producing clothing, so the apparel is more affordable and more accessible for everyone

6. Going on a mission and helping people in need while also promoting the love of God


Please send us any prayer requests you have. Feel free to send

them via the email below, or through any of our social media

channels. It would be our joy to lift them up with you in prayer!



Writer and Designer: Lucas Schlake

Instagram: Jack Brutke


If you are looking for a way to support this ministry without having to buy the clothes, then you can give through the provided PayPal link.

Our finances can be a stressful area of life, and it can be difficult to find the means and the motivation to donate our hard earned resources. If you feel moved in your heart to support this ministry, that is a powerful testament to the goodness of God, and we thank you for your generosity.


At the end of the day, God is the great provider and His perfect provision can always be found; one need only to look to the hill called Calvary, and--with faith--remember the sacrifice the Savior made.

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