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To put it simply, the purpose of life is found in love and through love. It is in the knowledge and reception of love that we acknowledge the existence of a meaningful and purposeful power outside of our own existence. What words, or what methods of man, can truly capture the limitless breadth and glory of such a conviction like love? The Creator effortlessly weaves Himself into our lives when we seek, give, and receive love; it is such a pure and tangible piece of evidence for God, yet so mysterious as to be incapable of being fully defined.

1) Love gives purpose to everything in life

If we debase the power of love to just being a series of neurons firing off within our brain--that we are nothing more than a bundle of nerves and flesh, by-chance creating a world-defying chemical signal in our brains (though, even from an atheistic standpoint, the fact our human bodies are capable of harboring something like love is immeasurably impressive)--then we ultimately devalue the power that love has within us and within our lives, and limit love to the inadequacies of our own minds.

This is not taking a stance of ignorance and throwing away our understanding of science and it’s uses; but we have to understand that science (or anything in life, for that matter) without love, does not provide the answers we seek in life--rather, it conceals them. We have seen that when science was absent of love, it brought about terrible destruction and death; weapons of warfare, the nuclear bomb, events like the Holocaust, the methods of abortion--of which, over 61 million babies have been aborted since Roe V. Wade in 1973 (LifeNews, January 10, 2020).

Whatever your stance may be on abortion, out of the 61.6 million aborted unborn babies, there is a high chance many of them would have led lives containing love of their own. From this context, they never even got the chance to experience the questions of this world, and possibly find that answer we all seek--love.