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Devotions - One

If you are a follower of Christ and are hungry for more opportunities to grow in Him, I have written this devotional in hopes to answer that precise call. I pray this 21-day devotional ministers to you and helps your walk of faith in Christ, and initiates some conversations with God that produce fruit. As with anything for the Lord, this devotional requires some time and attention, and I pray that you can set aside the proper space to embark on it with Christ.

The work of Christ in me is to influence others to love God more. My prayer continually is that the Holy Spirit would speak and not I--may it be so all the same within this devotional. A special thanks to my cousin Jack for formatting the devotional and making it look cool. This is the first devotional I have written, and I don't expect it to be the last, God willing.

Thank you for extending grace to me where I may lack, and specifically regarding this devotional--I am still being taught by the Good Teacher, and there is still so much for me to learn. Nonetheless, God gives wisdom freely to those who ask.

May we continue following God in Spirit and in truth. May Christ's peace, hope, and love be upon you.

Devotions 1 CastTheNet 1-8-2022
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